Reviews of Roma Pizza and Season’s Grille

Today’s Press Herald includes reviews of Roma Pizza,

Each slice was distinctive. The pear and blue cheese was most surprising. I took a bite with reluctance, but was pleased with both the texture and sprite nature of the pear. The pairing of tastes was perfect, and the pear slice retained its substance. It was neither soft nor droopy.

and a bar review of Seanson’s Grille.

6 comments on “Reviews of Roma Pizza and Season’s Grille

  1. Havana south has all its windows papered up and their kitchen looked emptier. People working on it when I just passed it. Anybody know what’s going on?

  2. Yep, the Portland link has been pulled from and they’ve gone offline from opentable. That was just a matter of time from the moment they opened. Nothing against them but that type of food at that price range at that location, just wasn’t going to work. Hopefully somebody will do something decent there because it’s a great classy-ish bar.

  3. Also, the old wild burrito site is all blacked out. I couldn’t tell if anyone is working on it.

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