Rules for Customers

Today’s Portland Daily Sun proposes a set of resolutions for restaurant customer behavior in 2012.

5) Do not bring your own food into a restaurant. Please do not ask for hot water and lemon because you brought your own Lipton tea bag, or single serving VIA coffee from Starbucks. Your server works on commission, and the restaurant owner earns a living off what is sold, not what is unintentionally given away. Even restaurants with BYOB policies charge a wine corking fee.This one tied with: Do not ask for extra bread you clearly intend to take home.

One comment on “Rules for Customers


    Servers are not to use the following words or phrases when attending customers: “cool” “you got it” “you bet”

    Servers are to address customers as “sir” “ma’am” “gentlemen” etc., not “you guys” or “everybody” regardless of how casual the restaurant may present itself

    Except when requested by a customer, for each course, the server is not to remove or ask to remove dishes, beverage containers, serving platters and utensils from the table (or bar) until ALL customers in the party have completed that course.

    Where alcoholic beverages are featured and/or offered in wide selection, (1) there need be on the premises at least one owner or employee familiar with the beverage lists and with knowledge sufficient to offer selection advice or provide background information upon customer request, and (2) servers as a minimum should be able to pronounce the names of the beverages offered

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