Reviews of District, Gogi, Amatos and Grace

The Bollard has published a review of brunch at District,

My friend’s spinach-and-cheddar omelette ($8) was also outstanding. She particularly appreciated the top-shelf sharp cheddar and the nutty, delicate wheat toast baked on premises. Her side order of bacon ($3) was cooked just right — thick and meaty, yet still somehow light and crispy.

Gogi received 3 stars from the Eat & Run review in today’s Press Herald,

Despite our criticisms, we recommend you give Gogi a try. They are trying to do something different, and it’s worth checking out. Would I eat there regularly? Probably not; at least not without some tweaking of the tacos. But I would go back for a late-night, early-morning meal.

From Away has written up Amato’s Spaghetti Calzone,

It was a celebration of contrasting texture; each bite of spaghetti was wrapped with warm, buttery, lightly crisped pizza dough. Any spaghetti that fell off my fork could be mopped up with the corner part of the remaining crust. Finally, I was able to pick the whole thing up, dip my spaghetti calzone into the included plastic container of additional sweet marinara sauce, and smile…

and the Phantom Gourmet has published a review of Grace which received an overall score of 87.

Next, bone-in tenderloin was simply divine, a succulent hunk of beef served with sinfully creamy potato gratin and fried greens beans, doused with silky red wine sauce. Praise be to cod…the pan-roasted cod, that is—paired with baby artichokes, briny clams, olives, and tender fingerlings.

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