Review of The French Press Eatery

The Portland Press Herald has published a 4 star endorsement of The French Press Eatery.

Hey, Westbrook.

Listen up: What’s the matter with you?

We stopped by the (relatively) new French Press Eatery early one weekday morning, and except for the guy on his way out the door with a takeout bag, there were no other customers there. If this place were in the Old Port, there would be a long line of folks grabbing an 8 a.m. coffee, a breakfast sandwich or one of the downright decadent house-made doughnuts…The food at the French Press Eatery is good and worth supporting.

4 comments on “Review of The French Press Eatery

  1. This is cool but we are pretty busy. Mostly with Westbrook’s growing business community. 9 to 3 is when it is jamming but it a eatery so it is quick come an go.

  2. Whenever we tried to go there, which seemed like reasonable times (i.e. 8 am)
    it was closed. They had no hours posted. Maybe they are open at normal, regular hours now?

  3. BTW went there today at 2pm. They were basically “closed” saying they were only serving coffee from then until 3, that their kitchen takes an hour to break down, so after 2 you can get no food. I realize that was late for lunch, but if you are open until 3, aren’t you open until 3 ?

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