Unreviewed but not Forgotten

There are so many publications and blogs writing Portland area restaurant reviews you might think it’s all been covered already but it’s not so. The Unreviewed List has shrunk a lot since I first put it up from around 100 in 2007 to to half that size where it’s remained for the last few months.
A restaurant reviewer once told me that the list is the 7th circle of hell for reviewers but I think there are still some good stories to be found: both new restaurants that haven’t been written up yet (both Po’Boys and French Press Eatery came off the list this week) and ones that have been around for a while. Here’s a few:

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  1. I wrote about the Victorian tea room in 2007. They did not serve food back then, and the owner made a point of telling me that it is not a traditional tea room. Sara at Homegrown Herb & Tea, on the other hand, does serve some food – not much, and nothing major. Mostly cookies, scones, that kind of thing. I did have some excellent baked beans there once.

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