Under Construction: Nosh Kitchen Bar

The Portland Daily Sun published a report on Nosh Kitchen Bar, the lounge/delicatessen that’s slated to open in the old White Heart spot on Congress Street.

The “urban-style eatery” will combine casual dining and drinks.

“It’s a bar, it’s a lounge, it’s kind of a mix between an old-school New York delicatessen and a new school sandwich shop during the day, and at night we go in the direction more of small-portion antipasta type (meals),” said [co-owner Jason] Loring.

Check out Original Portland for a photo of the interior and Nosh’s website for some additional details.

2 comments on “Under Construction: Nosh Kitchen Bar

  1. Really great modern design with that logo. Really looking forward to this place. Matt was a great bartender at Rivalries, was always friendly, and I hope they do really well.
    I saw the for lease signs back up on the windows where Velvet was going. Looks like that’s out. What a haunted spot that is, nothing works.

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