Slainte’s Liquor License

According to The Bollard, the City Council’s recent vote not to renew Slainte’s liquor license is irrelevant because of a bureaucratic snafu.

“In a memo dated January 8, city attorney Gary Wood told councilors their vote to strip Slainte’s liquor license was moot, because state liquor authorities had already granted the bar’s license renewal request based on the city’s initial recommendation.”

The article goes on to indicate that the bar owner wasn’t aware of the issue until The Bollard contacted him for comment.

This Week's Events

The next Piatto per Tutti cooking class is tonight as is a (sold out) charcuterie tasting being held at Bonobo. Tuesday through Thursday the 68th Annual Maine Agricultural Trade Show is taking place in Augusta. There are four wine tastings scheduled this week: at RSVP on Wednesday, at Public Market House (wine and cheese) and at Leavitt & Sons on Thursday, and at Rosemont at Brighton on Saturday. The Great Lost Bear is showcasing the brews of Dogfish Head on Thursday. Saturday is opening night at Port City Music Hall. Vignola is hosting their 3rd annual beer and cheese tasting on Saturday. For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

Maple Sugar

Poor weather conditions the past couple years have constrained supply of maple syrup. Maine syrup producers are adding capacity in anticipation of this year’s season in hopes of capitalizing on the market conditions, according to an article in today Maine Sunday Telegram.

“The largely mom-and-pop operations don’t tap sugar maples until the sap starts to flow, usually around the third week of February.

But this year, maple syrup fever is raging across the state thanks to a shortage of the sweet amber liquid. This January, prices have soared and syrup makers are racing to increase production, laying new sap lines and preparing to tap more trees than ever before.”

Maine Maple Sunday is taking place on March 22nd this year.

Beer, Food & Tuscany has posted details on the 12 Stouts After Christmas menu that will be on tap at Novare Res starting this Monday. Later in the month on January 25 Novare Res is joining forces with  Rob Evans at Hugo’s on a beer dinner ($95 per person) at the Middle Street restaurant.
This Spring, Chef Evans along with colleagues from Texas and Arizona, are hosting a culinary vacation in Tuscany ($2149 per person). Travellers will “stay at one of two elegant villas on a 1000 acre Tuscan estate” and “Join Three Great American Chefs as they introduce you to the Culinary Wonders of Tuscany.”

Eat the View Update

Today’s Press Herald has an update on Roger Doiron’s campaign to get the next administration to plant a vegetable garden on the White House lawn.

“I like to think of the White House as America’s house,” Doiron said in a telephone interview Wednesday, “and I think it should have a vegetable garden. … One of the first things John Adams, the first president to live in the White House, did was to plant a vegetable garden.”