Grace & The Corner Room Reviews

Soooo…You Really Don’t Like Cats, Do You? has published a pair of reviews for The Corner Room

Overall, the dining experience was lovely with only the minor salt snafu with the veal. The waiter and hostess were incredibly friendly and professional and as the night went on with more diners filing into the room, the waiter never forgot us. Chef Smith did a great job with the old documentary institute space, using the airy, spacious feeling to his advantage…Oh, and yes, the authenticity was mostly on par with the real deal in Italy. Maybe it was a good idea to go to The Corner Room right after coming back from Italy after all!

and Grace

I’m not sure why my expectations for food was so high, but since The Corner Room and Grace opened on the same night, I guess I expected the level of food quality to be exceptional, especially since Grace received an extra 3 weeks after my visit to Chef Smith’s new establishment. But Chef Eric Simeon may just be ironing out the kinks in his new digs…Nonetheless, the experience was quite enjoyable, the setting breathtaking, and the food still delicious.…At $45 for my meal of only an entree and dessert (plus 20% gratuity added in), Grace may be worth it as soon as they work out their issues with the dishes, but I’m not quite sold on it yet. I wouldn’t mind another visit to monitor their progress.

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