The Kitchen is Closing

According to a report on Original Portland, The Kitchen is closing for good as of 2 pm on December 24. The owners are moving their commercial falafal business, Papou’s Kitchen, to Woodford Street where they will also sell a limited menu of falafel and gyro wraps. The space on Woodford Street used to be the headquarters for Daily Thyme.

21st Beerthday

Tomorrow afternoon Gritty’s is throwing itself a 21st beerthday party. There will be a plenty of 21 IPA beer, live music and they’ll be serving food from the original 1988 menu (at the 1988 prices). The fun starts at 1 pm and lasts as long as the beer does.
Photo credit: Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company

Hannaford To Go

The Press Herald has reviewed the meals to go options at the Forest Ave Hannaford.

“Located in the back corner of the store between the bakery and the deli-salad bar area, the little meals-to-go cafe offers fresh, hot food at really reasonable prices.”

2 Stars for David’s

Chris2fer has given David’s 2 stars (out of 5) after a disappointing meal at the Monument Square restaurant.

“I hadn’t been to David’s in over a year . . . there’s just so many places to try in Portland. It hadn’t changed much since I had been there. Not much, but enough . . . “