Coming, Going and Expanding

Here are some under construction update:

  • Mexico Lindo has closed up shop at their location on Forest Ave. There’s a sign up promoting a turnkey ready space for a someone looking to open a new restaurant.
  • A new sandwich shop to be called Mr. Sandwich & Mrs. Muffin is under construction at 3 Deering Ave. That space was formerly occupied by Pazzano’s Coffee Shop and still has the orange facade from when Percy’s was their. In the more distant past it had been the home of Honey’s Place.
  • Shima is planning to expand into the vacant space in their building on Fore Street. From what I can determine from the blueprints, the two spaces aren’t adjacent to one another but would be joined on the basement level where Shima’s kitchen is now.
  • Local Sprouts supplied a draft menu as part of their liquor license application. You can take a look at it on page 34 of the agenda for the upcoming Portland City Council meeting.

4 comments on “Coming, Going and Expanding

  1. So what’s next for that haunted spot where Mexico Lindo was? It’s going to take something with a really established name to make it work there. That place is full of fail.

  2. Any updates on the Greek place that took over Chef Et. Al’s space? I pass it 3 times a week and it makes me nervous that there isn’t much movement. I hope it’s just because of the winter season for the construction hiatus…

  3. I was on Forest Ave today and spotted some construction going on there. As far as I know they’re still intending on opening a restaurant there.

  4. I was on Forest this past Saturday and it looks like some punk kids decided not to just graffiti on the temporary boards, but on the newly painted stucco walls…how disrespectful! I hope it doesn’t get the owners down about it…I’ll still rooting for their opening!

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