Changes on Exchange Street: Steak House, Mornings in Paris, Holy Donut #2

There are a number of changes taking place on Exchange Street:

  • The Mornings in Paris coffee shop at 13 Exchange Street is closing down sometime next month. From what I’ve heard the owners are closing their Portland location in order to focus their energies on the MiP in Kennebunk.
  • The new Holy Donut location at 7 Exchange Street is scheduled to open this coming Wednesday at 7 am.
  • North Point owner Daniel Talmatch is launching a steakhouse. He’s hasn’t signed a lease yet but hopes to locate the new restaurant at 106 Exchange, the longtime home of Oriental Table.

8 comments on “Changes on Exchange Street: Steak House, Mornings in Paris, Holy Donut #2

  1. I’ll miss Morning in Paris as they were my fav place for hot chocolate in the winter as they also had ginger bread which went perfectly with it. They took over that space from Breaking New Grounds which was also rather nice.

  2. Don’t remember if it was on here or Eater a few months ago about what type of restaurant Portland needs but a steakhouse was the clear winner. Daniel of North point must be reading. Interested to see if the new butcher shop Loring is bringing is going to have an eat in menu too

  3. They’re looking to turn 46 Market st into a space for a restaurant. I remember there was a restaurant that was going to go there about a decade ago from the owner of another Freeport or Falmouth restaurant. I think it was going to be called 46 Market. Anybody else remember that? Had a website and everything but it never happened and his other restaurant closed not too long after

  4. Nick, I’d love to seea restaurant in that spot again. The last one I remember seeing there was Molly’s.

  5. Wow forgot about Molly malone’s. The setup of building and windows reminds me of vignola. Something casual upscale would be good there.

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