Silly’s Food Truck

Silly’s closed on Sunday and owner Colleen Kelley plans to re-launch her business as a food truck this summer. A brief message on the Silly’s website shared that, “Hello Folks….The lease is ending at 68 Washington and I will be moving Silly’s to a food truck which I think is a better fit for me at this stage in my life.”

When Silly’s originally launched in 1988 it was located at 147 Cumberland Ave in the building that is now home to Union Bagel Co. The restaurant moved to 40 Washington Ave in 1997 where it operated for more than two decades. Kelley relaunched Silly’s at 68 Washington Ave in 2020 in the building that for a time had been Simply Vegan by Silly’s.

Solo Bakery in Bath

Solo Italiano is planning to launch a new bakery in Bath, Maine called Solo Pane e Pasticceria. It will be located at 29 Centre Street in the space formerly occupied by the Centre Street Bakery.

The new business will be both a retail bakery and the location of Solo’s wholesale baking operation. The bakery is expected to be operational in April and Solo hopes to launch the retail shop by the end of May. They expect to have breads and baked goods that run the full spectrum of what a “true Italian Pasticceria” can deliver.

Solo is looking forward to being part of the Mid-Coast food community, and bringing a new local bakery to the town of Bath.

The Solo Italiano restaurant opened on Commercial Street in Portland in 2016, and the Solo Cucina Market launched in South Portland in March 2020.

Cabana at 111 Middle Street

A new Latin American restaurant called Cabana (instagram) is under construction at 111 Middle Street in the space formerly occupied by Piccolo.

Lunch at Cabana will be available for takeout or dine-in service. Dinner service at Cabana will feature a shareable tapas menu, cocktails and  Afro/Samba/Latin music until midnight. The menu will draw inspiration from all over Latin America with a special emphasis on the flavors of Dominican cuisine.

Owner  René Emilio Peña—who also operates La Bodega Latina on Congress Street—hopes to open Cabana by early summer. He moved to Portland 10 years ago from Miami where he worked in the fashion industry. His vision for Cabana is to meld his passions for fashion, music, art and food into a fully immersive experience that makes use of the small space as part of its personality.

Bar Futo to Open This Summer

A new Japanese-inspired bar and grill called Bar Futo (instagram) is under construction at 425 Fore Street in the space formerly occupied by Five Guys. Bar Futo is being launched by chef Jordan Rubin and Marisa Lewiecki, co-owners of Mr. Tuna and partners in Crispy Gai.

Chef de cuisine Ian Driscoll will be serving a “menu of skewers, large cuts of meat and whole fish grilled over Japanese charcoal, and kakigori.” The bar program will include an extensive sake list that has been curated by Alyssa DiPasquale from The Koji Club in Boston as well has house-designed and classic cocktails. Sommelier Courtney O’Neil will be Bar Futo’s GM and in charge of the wine program.

The 2,662 square feet 66-seat restaurant (plus outdoor patio seating) is expected to open this summer.

Rubin launched Mr. Tuna as a food cart in 2017, and the Mr. Tuna sushi counter opened in the Public Market House in 2018. Rubin and chef Cyle Reynolds launched Crispy Gai in the summer of 2021.


Dok Mali Thai Kitchen

A new restaurant called Dok Mali Thai Kitchen is under construction in the former Lois’ Market space at 47 India Street. The 32-seat restaurant is being launched by chef Nonglack Thanephonesy.

Chef Thanephonesy plans to tap into her own culinary creativity as well as inspiration drawn from contemporary trends in street food and regional cooking in Thailand to serve a menu that departs from the standards served at many Thai restaurants today. Some example dishes include a lychee duck dish she’s currently developing as well as her aunt’s recipe for Mee Ka Tee, a curry soup.

In addition to Dok Mali Thanephonesy is also the owner of Capital Thai Kitchen and Bar in Exeter, NH. She grew up in Portland and is looking forward to bringing her vision for a Thai restaurant to her home town and to downtown Portland.

Thanephonesy hopes to open Dok Mali on Memorial Day weekend.

The architect for Dok Mali is Tracie Reed from Dextrous Creative. Reed has also been the architect of Rose Foods, Belleville on North Street and the redesign underway at East Bayside Tandem Coffee.

Restaurant Real Estate: March 2022

Welcome to the March 2022 edition of the Portland Food Map restaurant real estate listings sponsored by The Boulos Company. This monthly column gathers in one convenient place the spaces available in Portland that could be potential sites for restaurants and food producers/retailers to locate their next business.

Even during the pandemic many people are pursuing their dreams and opening new food businesses. Finding the right spot is one of the crucial early challenges in launching a new business and hopefully this new resource will make that step just a little bit easier.

West End

235 Vaughan St – the 700 sq ft space most recently occupied by Other Side Deli and which had been the longtime home of Vaughan Street Variety is for lease. Call (207) 650-0846 for more information.

Arts District

554 Congress St – 1,397 – 1,621 sq ft former Dunkin’ Donuts space with hood for $1,518-2,301/month (NNN).

642 Congress St – the former Ada’s space is available to sublet; 2,569 sq ft (MG).


15 Chestnut St – the 14,000 sq ft building that was the former home of Grace is for sale for $3,730,000.

31 Diamond St – this 2,800 – 22,034 sq ft industrial space in East Bayside is available for $16/sq ft (NNN).

178 Kennebec St – a 2,644 sq ft space on the first floor of a new building in West Bayside is available for $30/sq ft (NNN).

211 Marginal Way – the 4,052 sq ft space on the corner of Marginal Way and Franklin occupied by Bayside Bark is for lease for $40/sq ft (NNN).

65 Portland Street – the beautiful restaurant space that was home to Back Bay Grill for 34 years is available; 2,750 sq ft for $25/sq ft (MG).

24 Preble St – the former Arcadia space is available; 2,835 sq ft for $20/sq ft (NNN).

Old Port

1 Commercial St – the original location of Benkay at the corner of Commercial and India Streets is available. The 2,494 sq ft is for lease at $35/sq ft (NNN).

383 Commercial St – 1,639 – 3,487 of retail space on Commercial Street for $28/sq ft (NNN).

98 Cross St – 3,803 sq ft in the space formerly occupied by Rhum is available for $20/sq ft (MG). The entrance is on the backside of the Free Street building that Arabica is in and is a couple doors down from the Portland Yoga Collective.

446 Fore St – 1,600 – 3,400 sq ft in the former Pearl space with entrances on Wharf and Fore Streets is available for $30-40/sq ft (MG).

40 Free St – the new building constructed by JB Brown has four storefronts ranging in size from 1,358 to 3,067 sq ft for $30/sq ft (NNN).

38 Market St – a 1,200 subterranean space near the intersection with Milk Street for $1,175/month (MG).

55 Market St – this 3,700 sq ft space on Market Street was formerly occupied by the Big Easy. It’s available for $24/sq ft (NNN).

75 Market St – the 5,474 sq ft space on the corner of Market and Middle Streets occupied by Rambler’s Way is for lease for $37/sq ft (MG).

1 Monument Square – 1,500 sq ft of first floor space for $3,125/month (MG).

25 Pearl St – 1,689 sq ft former Subway space available for $30/sq ft (MG).

66 Pearl St – 5,796 sq ft of space—the former Bull Moose retail shop—is available for $15.75/sq ft (MG).

15 Temple St – the 1,702 sq ft space formerly occupied by Bubble Maineia is available for $26/sq ft (MG).

41 Wharf St – the former Jager space is available; 1,107 sq ft for $43/sq ft (MG).

42 Wharf St – this 3,770 sq ft space in the Old Port includes a 2,000 sq ft patio, $45/sq ft (MG).

India/Washington Ave

251 Congress St – 1,036 sq ft of space is available as of March 1st; $3,250/month (NNN). This listing includes basement access and one parking spot (with option to rent additional parking spaces). Email for more information.

100 Fore St – 3,000 sq ft of space that the listing says is “ideally suited for a restaurant use” for $27-30/sq ft (NNN).

22 Hancock St – this 978 sq ft space across from Benkay is available for $2,300/month (MG).

5 India St – 1,250 – 2,500 sq ft for $35/sq ft (NNN) in a new building under construction near the intersection with Commercial St.

47 India St – 1,000 sq ft of the former Lois’ Market building is for lease, $40/sq ft (NNN).

68 Washington Ave – the 1,272 sq ft space currently occupied by Silly’s is for lease for $23.58/sq ft (MG.

Forest Ave

500 Forest Ave – this 3,200 sq ft space is currently occupied by Starbird. It’s available for $16/sq ft (MG).

651 Forest Ave – a 2,200 sq ft retail space in the Odd Fellows building in Woodford’s Corner for $2,500/month (MG).

945 Forest Ave – 500- 1,220 sq ft of space in the former Photo Market building for $12/sq ft (NNN).


170 Brighton Ave – a 2,173 sq ft free-standing building which most recently was home to D Ajan’s Market, includes parking; $22/sq ft.

873 Brighton Ave – the 1,334 sq ft building that formerly housed the Redemption Center is for sale for $465,000.

441 Congress St – The 2,400 sq ft former home of Guitar Grave across the street from 1 Monument Square is available for $20/sq ft.

1020 Congress St – a 3,375 service station that is going to be “redeveloped as part a planned mixed use development”. The finished space will be available for $18/sq ft (NNN).

88 Danforth St – a 1,231 sq ft free-standing building on Danforth Street is for sale for $269,000.

155 Riverside St – the Season’s Bar & Grille and Banquet Center is for lease. The 23,750 sq ft facility includes parking and all furniture, fixtures and equipment.

240 Saint John St – 2,400 – 10,000 sq ft in Union Station Plaza for $12-14/sq ft (NNN)

Westgate Shopping Center – four spaces are for lease at $18-40/sq ft (NNN).

Biscuits & Co, Biddeford – Biscuits & Co closed on October 16th and the business and equipment is for sale. Contact for more information.

Other Spaces – some vacated restaurant spaces haven’t yet been formerly listed for by the owner. Check the closing announcements for the latest information.


MG – Modified Gross which indicates that the operating expenses (taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.) for the property are included in the lease rate. The tenant would pay its own utilities, which sometimes includes heat.

NNN – Triple Net which indicates that operating expenses are not included in the lease rate, and the tenant will pay them separately. They are often referred to as CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges and taxes, which are expressed as $/sf. The tenant is also responsible for utilities.

Gross – Gross indicates all expenses including utilities are included in the lease rate. The tenant would be responsible for phone and internet access, as well as interior janitorial.

The Photo Kitchen

Mainebiz has published an update on The Photo Kitchen which is under construction in Morrills Corner.

The space can accommodate photographers, influencers, cooking classes, workshop-based businesses, and events. It was designed with the Portland creative community in mind to be a resource for photographers and food professionals. The high-end boutique studio will also be available to rent as an event and workshop venue.

A&C Moving to South Portland

Joe Fournier is moving A&C Grocery to South Portland where it will re-open as the A&C Soda Shop (instagram) sometime this summer.

The menu will carryover some old favorites from Washington Ave such as the cheeseburger and Italian sandwich while adding soups, salads, and dishes like moules frites and crab cakes. True to its new name the A&C Soda Shop will also serve ice cream floats, milkshakes, and herbal tonics. Wine-based slushies as well as beer on draft and in cans are also on the menu.

The A&C Soda Shop will be located in the former Terra Cotta Pasta building at 501 Cottage Road. In 2019 Terra Cotta moved to a new spot nearby and Nosh co-founder Matt Moran leased the property with plans to open a neighborhood restaurant. The new A&C is a collaboration between Fournier, Moran and Michael Gatlin.

A&C Grocery originally opened on Washington Ave in 2017 as a neighborhood grocery store. The concept transitioned into a popular sandwich shop before closing in 2021 with plans to relocate.

LB Kitchen Moving and Expanding

Bryna Gootkind and chef Lee Farrington, the owners of LB Kitchen, have purchased the building on the corner of Congress and Smith Streets. Farrington and Gootkind plan on renovating the two storefronts on the corner and move LB Kitchen into that joined space later this year.

The new LB will feature a 21-seat dining room, sidewalk and patio seating, a dedicated space for takeout pick-up and a retail market with some of the staff’s favorite food and wellness brands.

Dunes (instagram), an artist-run gallery run by Boru O’Brien O’Connell, is slated to takeover the space formerly occupied by Lila East End Yoga.

The new LB Kitchen is expected to launch in September and the current iteration of LB will continue to operate from 249 Congress Street serving takeout until then. Once the move is completed, 249 Congress will be available for lease. The  949 sq ft space, includes a hood, grease trap, walk-in refrigerator, parking and a 200 sq ft patio.