Curbside Comforts

Curbside Comforts, a food truck that launched last May serving a menu of plant-based foods, has announced they’re leased a space in Gorham and will be transitioning from a mobile to a brick and mortar business.

The new Curbside Comforts will be located at 680 Gray Road in Gorham in a building formerly occupied by the Sweet Life ice cream shop. They hope to open sometime in May.

Twin Swirls in Nason’s Corner

A new ice cream shop called Twin Swirls (instagram) is under construction at 865 Brighton Ave in what used to be an XtraMart.

Owner Sarah Palmer plans to serve hard serve and soft serve cones and dishes, milkshakes, sundaes and coffee. She’s hoping to bring a new business to life that’s a good fit to a community of young families in the neighborhood.

The name Twin Swirls is inspired by Palmer’s twin six year old girls, Alex and Sage. Palmer hopes to open Twin Swirls this summer.

Bayside Burrito Food Truck

A new food truck that began development last year under a different name will launch this summer as Bayside Burrito (instagram).

Owners Kaleb Caron and Gerry Tardiff will be serving a menu (see below) that includes burritos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos. They plan on having gluten-free option on the menu. The burritos are based on Caron’s grandmother’s recipe that is a little different from the traditional dish.

Caron’s family launched a food truck called KG’s Curbside Grill in early 2020. The business was successful, and has since converted into a brick and mortar restaurant in Winthrop called Ted’s Trackside Grill. That experience gave Caron a taste for restaurant and food truck life that’s led to the launch of Bayside Burrito.

Restaurant Real Estate: April 2022

Welcome to the April 2022 edition of the Portland Food Map restaurant real estate listings sponsored by The Boulos Company. This monthly column gathers in one convenient place the spaces available in Portland that could be potential sites for restaurants and food producers/retailers to locate their next business.

Even during the pandemic many people are pursuing their dreams and opening new food businesses. Finding the right spot is one of the crucial early challenges in launching a new business and hopefully this new resource will make that step just a little bit easier.

West End

235 Vaughan St – the 700 sq ft space most recently occupied by Other Side Deli and which had been the longtime home of Vaughan Street Variety is for lease. Call (207) 650-0846 for more information.

Arts District

554 Congress St – 1,621 sq ft former Dunkin’ Donuts space with hood for $2,301/month (NNN).

642 Congress St – the former Ada’s space is available to sublet; 2,569 sq ft (MG).

643/647 Congress St – 1,107 – 5,016 sq ft of space near Longfellow Square is available for $20/sq ft (MG).

649 Congress St – this 3,000 sq ft space is available for $22/sq ft (MG).


15 Chestnut St – the 14,000 sq ft building that was the former home of Grace is for sale for $3,730,000.

31 Diamond St – this 2,800 – 22,034 sq ft industrial space in East Bayside is available for $16/sq ft (NNN).

178 Kennebec St – a 2,644 sq ft space on the first floor of a new building in West Bayside is available for $30/sq ft (NNN).

211 Marginal Way – the 4,052 sq ft space on the corner of Marginal Way and Franklin occupied by Bayside Bark is for lease for $40/sq ft (NNN).

65 Portland Street – the beautiful restaurant space that was home to Back Bay Grill for 34 years is available; 2,750 sq ft for $25/sq ft (MG).

24 Preble St – the former Arcadia space is available; 2,835 sq ft for $20/sq ft (NNN).

Old Port

1 Commercial St – the original location of Benkay at the corner of Commercial and India Streets is available. The 2,494 sq ft is for lease at $35/sq ft (NNN).

383 Commercial St – 1,639 – 3,487 of retail space on Commercial Street for $28/sq ft (NNN).

446 Fore St – 1,600 – 3,400 sq ft in the former Pearl space with entrances on Wharf and Fore Streets is available for $30-40/sq ft (MG).

40 Free St – the new building constructed by JB Brown has four storefronts ranging in size from 1,358 to 3,067 sq ft for $30/sq ft (NNN).

38 Market St – a 1,200 subterranean space near the intersection with Milk Street for $1,175/month (MG).

55 Market St – this 3,700 sq ft space on Market Street was formerly occupied by the Big Easy. It’s available for $24/sq ft (NNN).

75 Market St – the 5,474 sq ft space on the corner of Market and Middle Streets occupied by Rambler’s Way is for lease for $37/sq ft (MG).

1 Monument Square – 1,500 sq ft of first floor space for $3,125/month (MG).

25 Pearl St – 1,689 sq ft former Subway space available for $30/sq ft (MG).

66 Pearl St – 5,796 sq ft of space—the former Bull Moose retail shop—is available for $15.75/sq ft (MG).

15 Temple St – the 1,702 sq ft space formerly occupied by Bubble Maineia is available for $26/sq ft (MG).

41 Wharf St – the former Jager space is available; 1,107 sq ft for $43/sq ft (MG).

42 Wharf St – this 3,770 sq ft space in the Old Port includes a 2,000 sq ft patio, $45/sq ft (MG).

India/Washington Ave

100 Fore St – 3,000 sq ft of space that the listing says is “ideally suited for a restaurant use” for $27-30/sq ft (NNN).

5 India St – 1,250 – 2,500 sq ft for $35/sq ft (NNN) in a new building under construction near the intersection with Commercial St.

47 India St – 1,000 sq ft of the former Lois’ Market building is for lease, $40/sq ft (NNN).

68 Washington Ave – the 1,272 sq ft space formerly occupied by Silly’s is for lease for $23.58/sq ft (MG).

Forest Ave

500 Forest Ave – this 3,200 sq ft space is currently occupied by Starbird. It’s available for $16/sq ft (MG).

651 Forest Ave – a 2,200 sq ft retail space in the Odd Fellows building in Woodford’s Corner for $2,500/month (MG).

945 Forest Ave – 500- 1,220 sq ft of space in the former Photo Market building for $12/sq ft (NNN).


873 Brighton Ave – the 1,334 sq ft building that formerly housed the Redemption Center is for sale for $465,000.

441 Congress St – The 2,400 sq ft former home of Guitar Grave across the street from 1 Monument Square is available for $20/sq ft.

1020 Congress St – a 3,375 service station that is going to be “redeveloped as part a planned mixed use development”. The finished space will be available for $18/sq ft (NNN).

88 Danforth St – a 1,231 sq ft free-standing building on Danforth Street is for sale for $269,000.

155 Riverside St – the Season’s Bar & Grille and Banquet Center is for lease. The 23,750 sq ft facility includes parking and all furniture, fixtures and equipment.

240 Saint John St – 2,400 – 10,000 sq ft in Union Station Plaza for $12-14/sq ft (NNN)

Westgate Shopping Center – four spaces are for lease at $18-40/sq ft (NNN).

Biscuits & Co, Biddeford – Biscuits & Co closed on October 16th and the business and equipment is for sale. Contact for more information.

Other Spaces – some vacated restaurant spaces haven’t yet been formerly listed for by the owner. Check the closing announcements for the latest information.


MG – Modified Gross which indicates that the operating expenses (taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.) for the property are included in the lease rate. The tenant would pay its own utilities, which sometimes includes heat.

NNN – Triple Net which indicates that operating expenses are not included in the lease rate, and the tenant will pay them separately. They are often referred to as CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges and taxes, which are expressed as $/sf. The tenant is also responsible for utilities.

Gross – Gross indicates all expenses including utilities are included in the lease rate. The tenant would be responsible for phone and internet access, as well as interior janitorial.

The Friendly Toast

As reported on Monday, The Friendly Toast (website, facebook, instagram) is opening a location in Portland. A friendly tip from a Portland Food Map reader helped uncover that their new restaurant will be located at 211 Fore Street in the space that had been the location of Sebago Brewing. The Friendly Toast serves an all-day menu of brunch food and drink.

Sebago Brewing opened their Fore Street location in 2011 and announced earlier this year that they were selling to an “unnamed restaurant group and use the proceeds to revamp its brewpubs in Gorham and Scarborough and expand canning in Gorham.”

Thrilled & Infatuated

The Infatuation has included The Danforth in their list of the Most Exciting Restaurants Opening in America this spring, summer, and fall. The Danforth is the name of the new cocktail bar and restaurant being launched in the former Little Giant building in the West End by the parent company of Death & Co.

Thrillist has included Central Provisions in their list of the Best Brunch Spots in America.

This is the kind of place whose brunch menu beautifully straddles the line between “br” and “unch,” with an explosive breakfast burger topped with miso mayo, egg, and bacon holding court next to fontina-craped bone-marrow toast, and a cornbread skillet served like a sizzling, open-faced bacon, egg, and cheese.

Tomaso’s, WingIt, MK Buffet, Bay Bowls, Friendly Toast, 555 North, The Proper Cup

Spring has arrived and with it news about new restaurants and food trucks is flowing quickly. Here’s the latest:

A new food truck called WingIt (instagram) was on the Eastern Promenade last Friday. As the name suggests wings are at the center of their menu but it also includes burgers, fries, mac and cheese and more.

Bay Bowls (website, instagram) is under construction on Washington Ave in the space formerly occupied by Onggi. The original Bay Bowls is located in Brunswick, and this will be their second location. They are expecting to open April 8th.

Details are still scarce but it’s confirmed that The Friendly Toast (instagram) will be opening a new location in Portland. The original Friendly Toast opened in Portsmouth and there are now eight locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Tomaso’s (instagram) has bought the former Halstead’s food truck and plan to launch their own mobile food business this summer. The menu is still under development but expect it to offer a variety of tacos. Update: The truck will be called Disco Jalisco (instagram).

MK Buffet Restaurant (facebook) has opened in the space formerly occupied by the Shawarma and Kebab House at 683 Forest Ave in Woodfords Corner.

Michelle and Steve Corry are launching 555 North (website, instagram) a revival of their longtime Portland restaurant Five Fifty-Five. 555 North will be located The Federal hotel in Brunswick, and is expected to open this spring.

The Proper Cup (instagram) is closing down for the month as of April 2nd and will use the time to build out a new kitchen for the coffee house. When they reopen The Proper Cup menu will expand to include sandwiches, toasts and salads.

Timber Bourbon Bar & Lounge

Timber Steakhouse has announced they’ll be changing the name and concept of their business to Timber Bourbon Bar & Lounge.

The entire dining room will be redesigned into a cozy and comfy lounge with cushy chairs, couches, rugs and cocktail tables. A more intimate look and feel. We will of course still be featuring the same great cocktails, sprits, wines and tap beer. Our new menu will feature a selection of delicious appetizers, meat and cheese boards, pate and caviar!

The steakhouse will shut down on March 26th, and the bourbon bar will be opening in its place on April 5th.