First Review of Cheevitdee

The Golden Dish has published a review of Cheevitdee.

The grilled salmon curry barely describes the monumental dish that’s presented. The salmon, coated in a soothing curry, is a huge piece of fish, set atop Napa cabbage, purple rice berry and basil wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. The mix of flavors and texture are very complex with a nutty, curry profile punctuated by the flavors of basil and chopped cabbage. Those of us who had the dish were overwhelmed by its elegant presentation and flavors.

Reset for Rhum

The Portland Phoenix has published an article on the menu and staff changes that took place at Rhum earlier this year.

“The new drink options are Tiki-driven, a nice mix of classic cocktails, like Trader Vic’s,” [Trevin] Hutchins said. “And we bring in more ‘modern Tiki’ with updated flavor profiles, like the Thatched Roof, based off Monk’s Respite, using a bright fresh green chili vodka. And Dead On Arrival, our version of a Zombie.”…Over on the food side, the Rangoon dip comes with wontons and is the biggest seller. “We offer a pupu platter for two, a throwback to your childhood sit-down restaurant,” Egeland said, “as well as General Tso’s lo mein and a soy sauce Kimchi rice bowl. We’ve started selling four, five times the food, and the customers have received it well.”

Forage Looks for Space in Portland

Mainebiz reports that Lewiston’s Forage Market is looking for space to expand into Portland.

“We’re trying to find another location now,” Smith, owner of the five-year-old market at 180 Lisbon St., told Mainebiz. “We’d like a spot on the peninsula, ideally with a good neighborhood feel. We are looking for 3,000 to 4,000 square feet.”

Smith expects the Portland location, once it is built out with a wood-fired oven, will triple current revenues. He declined to discuss numbers except to say that revenue grew 30% last year and 20% this year.

Staff Training, David Levi, VegFest

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes an article on how restaurants train their staff to be ready for the summer season,

The summer tourist season is looming, and Maine restaurants are gearing up. That means hiring extra wait staff and training them to deal with all kinds of situations, before their businesses get insanely crowded. It’s a common rite of spring, for both destination restaurants with national reputations and more casual spots that cater to the shorts-and-T-shirts crowd.

the first article in a three part series written by David Levi about his restaurant Vinland,

“Restriction” is a word I sometimes hear when people first hear about our concept at Vinland, where every ingredient in every dish is local. I counter with two words: “form” and “mission.” To be clear, Vinland is a restaurant, not a concept. At the most basic and real level, it is a place to eat, drink, enjoy company, relax, be delighted and have fun. Like any restaurant. So what makes this restaurant unique? Actually, a fair number of things, but they all boil down to form and mission.

and an overview of the upcoming vegan food festival, VegFest.

Review of Luis’s Arepera and Grill

The Blueberry Files has published a first look review of Luis’s Arepera which opened last week on Forest Ave.

Our food came up, and now I know what all the fuss is about! The arepa was warm and crunchy on the outside, and filled with juicy shredded chicken, cool lettuce, and cheese. And it was a perfect amount of food—I didn’t feel too stuffed afterwards. I already can’t wait to go back, especially now that I’ve seen their menu includes churros (!!).