USM Food Studies Program

The Bangor Daily News has published an article about the USM Food Studies program.

“If we’re thinking about the food system as not just the food on our plate but what goes into the food on our plate, we have all sorts of questions that we need to ask,” said Kristin Reynolds, visiting professor of food studies at USM. “The strength of this interdisciplinary approach enables us to really look deeply into the whole of the system rather than taking just one part.”

This Week’s Events: J. Lohr, Marshall Wharf, Bali High

Tuesday – Sea Glass is holding a J. Lohr wine dinner.

Wednesday – there will be an Italian wine tasting at the Old Port Wine Merchants.

Thursday – there will be a wine tasting at the Public Market House.

Saturday – Novare Res will be hosting a Marshall Wharf tap takeover, and the Winter Farmers’ Market is taking place.

Sunday – High Roller Lobster will be holding Bali High, a tiki bar takeover at Rhum.

For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

If you are holding a food event this week that’s not listed above, publicize it by adding it as a comment to this post.

Reviews: Izakaya Minato, Other Side Deli, Sichuan Kitchen

The Blueberry Files has reviewed Izakaya Minato,

My takeaway is that Izakaya Minato a great hangout spot that’s different enough to feel casually hip, while the food is a good mix of the familiar and novel.

the Press Herald has reviewed the Other Side Deli,

That same attention to detail was evident in the gyro itself. The lamb was tender and slightly sweet. The cucumbers were prodigious and added heft and substance. The yogurt provided a nice cool complement.

and Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Sichuan Kitchen.

I’d definitely give Sichuan Kitchen another shot. The first one was pretty successful. I might pass on the poached fish unless they cut back on the peppercorns, but otherwise their food is well thought out and somewhat unique to the area. The atmosphere is relatively bland, but the food isn’t. In the end, it was more than good enough for me to plan a return visit.

Under Construction: Lazzari

Restauranteur Tom Barr has submitted a liquor license application for Lazzari, a new Italian restaurant he has under development at 618 Congress Street, the former location of Mesa Verde. The space has been completely renovated and the kitchen now includes a wood-fired pizza oven.

Barr has submitted a draft menu (pages 156-157) with the application. Here’s a section of it:

Under Construction: Mami

Austin Miller and Hannah Tamaki have applied for a liquor license for their new brick and mortar restaurant Mami. Miller and Tamaki have operated Mami Food Truck since June 2015 and this restaurant represents the next step forward for there business.

Mami restaurant will be located at 339 Fore Street in the former Mainely Wraps space. They hope to open this Spring.

Here’s a look at the draft menu for the restaurant:

Under Construction: Yobo

A 35-seat Korean restaurant called Yobo under construction at 23 Forest Ave in the space formerly occupied by BiBo’s Madd Apple Cafe has applied for a liquor license.

Owners Sunny Chung and Kim Lully plan to create an atmosphere that is “intimate and casual, with all the comforts of dining with good friends.” They formerly operated a farm to table restaurant in Concord, New Hampshire called Sunny’s Table. They hope to open Yobo in the April/May time frame.

here’s a look at a draft menu: