Bar Review of Bull Feeney’s

The Press Herald has reviewed Bull Feeney’s.

Open for nearly 14 years, Bull Feeney’s is an authentic Irish pub and restaurant known for its daily entertainment, particularly live music and quiz games and competitions. The pub serves local craft beer, as well as imported brews, and features Maine’s most extensive selection of single malt Scotch whiskies. This is the place to spend your holiday weekends, both for the pub fare, as well as the fun atmosphere. It’s hard to go wrong at Bull Feeney’s.

Built on Family

2015-12-01_21-50-07A new book titled Built on Family about the India Street Italian-American community is now on sale at Anania’s on Congress Street.

It includes a chapter on the  food traditions of the neighborhood and the area’s Italian owned restaurants and groceries including Amato’s, Anania’s, Micucci’s, Commercial Fruit, the Village Cafe, Taliento Suprette, Sangillo’s, Cremo’s Bakery, and Al’s Lunch. The book also includes hints of a possible alternative origination story for the Ham Italian sandwich.

You can read more about the book and author Jamie Carter Logan on the CreateSpace website,

“Built on Family” covers the physical neighborhood, the importance of the local Church, the immigration patterns, home life, and the establishment of businesses. It traces how family and kinship were present in all activities – a trait brought over from Italy and not distinct from other Italian settlements in the United States.

With personal interviews conducted by the author intermingled with census research and photos, the book uses humorous and touching stories to bring historical data to life.