Under Construction: Ideal Bakery & 34 Vannah Ave

A pair of Under Construction list updates surfaced on Tuesday:

  • Local 188 have announced their decision to name their new bakery at 742 Congress Street Ideal Bakery.
  • According to an article in The Forecaster, the Zoning Board of Appeals in considering an application by Birch Shambaugh and Mary Fayth Preyer to open a restaurant at 34 Vannah Ave. ‘ “Our hope is to put a classic neighborhood eatery in Woodfords Corner,” Shambaugh said Monday. But he declined to say what type of cuisine would be served or even what the restaurant’s name might be.’

Reviews of The North Point & The Corner Room

The Blueberry Files has published a review of happy hour at The North Point,

So maybe the food is a little pricey for what it is and the vibe they’re going for. But the drink specials at happy hour may ease the pain, and the place is fun with friendly staff.

and Peter Peter Portland Eater has published a review of The Corner Room.

My wife and I were happy and full. The meal came to just over $50. It was a seriously pricey breakfast, but a strong offering from the Corner Room and the least I could give my readers upon my return. If you go for brunch, save up your sheckles and get the antipasti. Oh, and tell ‘em Peterpeterportlandeater sent ya.

Maine Strawberry Season

Today’s Press Herald reports about this year’s strawberry season.

This year, says David Handley, a small-fruit specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Monmouth, Maine is “actually having the closest thing to a normal year we’ve had in a while as far as plant development is concerned.”

“The size looks good, the quantity looks very good, and the pest problems were very few this year,” he said. “So I’m thinking we’re looking at a very good crop year.”

The article also includes a list of farms where you can pick your own strawberries, a list of strawberry festivals across the state and a list of strawberry based dishes at Maine restaurants.

Review of JP’s Bistro

Portland Magazine has published a review of JP’s Bistro.

My partner’s chicken and eggplant parmigiana, with layers of gently fried chicken filet and eggplant slices baked with rich sauce and mozzarella, is a well-prepared casserole dish that comes with a side of pasta topped with tasty marinara and earns audible plaudits all around ($17).

This issue also includes articles about Maine chefs, Portland’ s happy hour options and lobster bakes which are not available online.

This Week’s Events: Domaine de Rimauresq, Graze, The Festival, Veg Food Festival, Lyra, Hot Wings Challenge, Noshbow Block Party

MondayBar Lola is holding a wine dinner featuring Domaine de Rimauresq.

Tuesday — a Local Foods Networking Breakfast is taking place at Local Sprouts.

Wednesday — Wine Wise is leading a Sparkling Wine Walk, Black Tie is hosting the first of their Graze Farm Dinners at Pineland in New Gloucester, and the Monument Square Farmers Market is taking place.

Thursday — The Great Lost Bear will be showcasing beers from The Festival, there will be a wine tasting at Aurora Provisions, El Corazon will be the featured food truck at Rising Tide, and Bier Cellar is hosting Prairie Artisanal Ales from Oklahoma and Allagash for a pre-Festival tasting.

Friday — the first tasting session of The Festival is taking place, Allagash is holding a Victoria Ale premiere party at the Victoria Mansion, and Sebago is releasing the 2013 edition of their Single Batch Series beer, Hop Swap.

Saturday — the next two tasting sessions of The Festival are taking place as is the 9th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival and the 2nd Annual Maine Hot Wing Cook-off Challenge, Mainely Burgers will be the featured food truck at Rising Tide and the Deering Oaks Farmers Market is taking place.

Sunday — the 8th Annual Taste of the Nation is taking place, Rising Tide is hosting a Brewers Brunch to celebrate the bottle launch of their new beer Lyra, Hugo’s is the featured restaurant at Flanagan Farms in Buxton, Nosh and Oxbow are teaming up to put on the NoshBow Block Party on Oak Street.

For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

If you are holding a food event this week that’s not listed above, publicize it by adding it as a comment to this post.

Bresca and the Honey Bee Now Open

Krista Kern Desjarlais’s new venture in New Gloucester, Bresca and the Honey Bee, opened for business on Saturday with a limited menu of ice cream and drinks. When I stopped by on Sunday she had available a beer-flavored ice cream made with honey porter in honor of Father’s Day.

Krista will be getting the kitchen fully operational over the next few days and will have a full menu ready for Wednesday and the coming weekend.

Bon Appetit: Praise for Leslie Oster

Bon Appetit calls the meal prepared by Aurora Provision’s Leslie Oster the standout dinner at the Kennebunk Festival.

But it was the cooked dishes that proved chef Oster’s skill. Anyone can give you fresh-from-the-dirt produce and you’ll love it, but Oster followed through, sending out nice seared duck and, later, a slab of pork belly (equally fatty, salty, and sweet) that was as good as I’ve had in a long time. The farm-to-table conceit was cute, but it wasn’t just a stunt. This was a real meal. I can’t wait to see what she (and everyone else) does next year.