2 Reviews of Po'Boys & Pickles

The Blueberry Files and Edible Obsessions met up at Po’Boys & Pickles and have published a pair of reviews of the New Orleans-style sandwich shop.
Here’s an excerpt from Edible Obsessions,

But, getting back to the here and now and the Po’ boy at hand. From the first bite of the Oyster Po’ Boy($6.95 for the regular or ‘shortie,’ as it’s called in Louisiana) I knew this is what I had missed out on. Packed with fat, spicy fried oysters, dressed with roasted red pepper mayo, lettuce and tomato, this was a perfect sandwich. I don’t believe it was served on the traditional Leidenheimer bread, instead this seemed more like Italian, but it didn’t matter.

Additionally, PortlandTown has published a set of photos from Po’Boys & Pickles.

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