What’s New at Allagash

Today’s What Ales You Column in the Press Herald reports on Allagash’s new products and a recent expansion in brewing capacity.

The bunker was designed so two more of the tanks can be added when business warrants, Perkins said. As of now, Allagash brews about 25,000 gallons — about 800 barrels — of beer a week.

Allagash also will be adding a new bottling line this year. Its bottling system handles both its 12-ounce bottles and 750-milliliter cork and cage bottles. The 375-milliliter (12.7 ounce) bottles used for the limited-release beers sold only at the brewery are bottled by hand.

The article also reports that both the new batch of Coolship Resurgam and the new honey beer Saison Mihm are both due out soon.

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