Vena’s to Forego Congress Street

Vena’s Fizz House (websitefacebookinstagram) has decided not to proceed with opening their bar and retail shop. They had been working since late 2021 to renovate the church at 867 Congress Street in Parkside. Their announcement on instagram reads, in part:

We have always had the intention of eventually returning and reopening a physical venue and went about purchasing a property on Congress St. in Portland. However, we have come to realize that much has evolved since we last closed our doors on Fore Street in Portland. The hospitality industry itself has undergone significant changes, and we have also undergone our own transformation. Our priorities, both personally and professionally, have been reshaped by our current focus. The transition to an ecommerce business has provided us with the opportunity to achieve a healthier work-life balance. Just as the ingredients in a beverage are adjusted to cater to individual preferences, the adjustments we have made to our business model have helped clarify our priorities.