Lido’s 2 in the Old Port

This week’s Portland Phoenix includes an update on Lido’s 2, the new Old Port restaurant being developed by the owners of Cong Tu Bot.

It will be a multilevel restaurant and will have a takeout counter during the day. They plan to serve grilled items and hotpot in the dining room, and “Chinatown-style baked goods, boba and rice plates” at the takeout counter, according to a press release.

Joining Cong Tu Bot co-owners Jessica Sheahan and Vien Dobui in the business will be Bounahcree Kim. Kim will be a co-founder/GM and will be the chef at the new restaurant.

See this earlier report for additional details on the location, layout and name inspiration for Lido’s 2, and visit the Nu Market site to contribute to their crowdfunding campaign.

Update: Since this article was published the prospective name of this business has been changed to Oun Lido’s.