Upcoming Events: Paper Tiger, Piedmontese Wine at Solo Italiano

MondayPaper Tiger (website, facebookinstagram) is scheduled to open today.

Wednesdaywinemaker Giorgio Bava will be at Solo Italiano, and the restaurant will be featuring his wines by the glass and serving some dishes inspired by Bava’s region of Piedmont.

March 29 – the Choptails Cocktail Competition is taking place at Batson River. Maine’s newest cidery the Absolem Cider and Oxbow Brewing will collaborating on a beer/cider dinner at the Oxbow Beer Garden in Oxford. Chef Cody Finch will be holding the next dinner in his Codex series at Petite Jacqueline (5 courses @ $85/person).

March 31Eat It & Beet It (instagram) will be launching their food truck at Goodfire Brewing in East Bayside.

April 1 – it’s the start of the Rose Foods guest chef series.

April 9 – the Beer With(out) Beards festival will be taking place.

April 20Oxbow Brewing is hosting a Fermentation Fair organized by The Resilience Hub & Portland Maine Permaculture.

April 22 – May 14th Maine Seaweed Week.

June 13 – The 2022 Beard Foundation Awards gala is taking place in Chicago. Five Maine chefs and restaurants are contenders for this year’s awards.

June 13 – 19 – the 5th Annual Portland Wine Week will be taking place.

July 21Magnus on Water chef Ben Jackson will participating in the Outstanding in the Field series with a dinner at Glidden Point Oyster Farm in Edgecomb.

July 23Chaval chefs Ilma Lopez and Damian Sansonetti will participating in the Outstanding in the Field series with a dinner at Dandelion Spring Farm in Bowdoinham.