Union Station Publyk House

It’s been nearly a year since Ted Arcand, owner of Dogfish Bar & Grille, sold the Dogfish Cafe on Congress Street to 2 of his longtime employees. Now the new cafe owners are getting ready change the name.

No big changes are planned, but the Cafe’s new name will be Union Station Publyk – a reference to the Union Train Station that once stood across the street.

11 comments on “Union Station Publyk House

  1. Irwin, I think they’re only changing the name because of the change in ownership. It’s been 10 months since the cafe changed hands and it’s still very much the same place.

  2. So why change the name of a business that has a great reputation, wonderful food and service to a name that no-one never heard of..
    You change names of failures not successful businesses.
    Everyone knows DOGFISH as its established.

  3. The “Publyk” is overly tortured and precious… but then I’d be happy if they changed the name to Merdek’s.

  4. Also: India Bazaar in Riverton looks like it’s closed; if they took a vacation they don’t seem to have put a note on the door. It’s too bad, but the published reviews weren’t overwhelming and although I never tried it, the word of mouth I got (admittedly from people who are neither Indian nor foodies) was that it wasn’t very good and the portions were small for the price.

  5. Asnine or not, it’s definitely odd as a name as they are decidedly not like an English tavern of olden times. Hell, Union Star Grill would’ve worked as would’ve a number of other similar names.

  6. And looks like Jan Mee Chinese also closed recently down there on St John — put a sign on the door about renovations two months ago, then never reopened. I think there’s a FOR LEASE sign up now.

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