Liquid M2

Urban Eye reports that Liquid M2 has gone out of business.

It seems Liquid M2 on Fore Street is the latest casualty in the green drink economy to go belly up this year. This “farm to bar” lounge has been locked for weeks, their telephone number is disconnected and the owner is MIA. Who would take a vacation in Vacationland during prime time? They have not sent out a social media signal since August 9th.

5 comments on “Liquid M2

  1. Bad location(yes even in heart of old port), no identity of what it really was(was it take out juice or sit down wraps?), competing with already established juicers with Maine Squeeze who have loyal following in small market, and overall place that did not grab the interest of the portland big three(hipsters, aging foodies, tourists). This looked like something from Beverly Hills and that style doesn’t cut it here. Too bad cause it looks like they really tried.

    Now what I’m interested to see is how many high end younger crowd hip restaurants hold up. Ones that are going to compete with central provisions like sur lie.

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