Under Construction: Zapoteca, Willard Square, Nina’s

Here’s a set of under construction updates:

  • Zapoteca has provided a draft menu (see page 67) as part of their liquor license application.
  • The American Journal and The Forecaster have both published reports on the reopening the Bathras Market in Willard Square. The market operated in the square from 1954 to 1989 and the family is hoping to have it back in operation in next month.
  • The Forecaster has also published an article about Ian Hayward and Glenn Perry’s plans for their own market in Willard Square.
  • A new store named Nina’s is “coming soon” to 1700 Forest Ave, the former location of Papa’s Place.

2 comments on “Under Construction: Zapoteca, Willard Square, Nina’s

  1. Agreed. I’m now weirdly excited for Zapoteca’s opening and it’s all your fault, A.

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