Under Construction: Tiqa

Deen Haleem and wife Carol Mitchell have leased the 7,000 square foot restaurant space in the new Marriott Courtyard Hotel where they plan on launching a new pan-Mediterranean restaurant named Tiqa on  Commercial Street. In addition to a pair of dining rooms (one more formal than the other), Tiqa will also include a a chef’s counter, a 60 seat lounge and a private dining area.

Breaking with Portland’s current trend of small plate restaurants, the owners are planning a more traditional apps and entrees style menu. The menu will overtime tap into the full range of flavors and culinary traditions from North Africa, the Near East, Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Both lunch and dinner will be served at Tiqa.

Deen Haleem has had a career in the financial services industry but tells me that several years ago he helped launch a pair of restaurants in southern California and has always wanted to return to the industry to run his own place. While not from the restaurant, Deen assures me is fully aware of the challenges of launching a restaurant in Portland but is excited to make a go of it.

Deen and Carol hope to open Tiqa early next year.

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  1. 7k sq feet in a non foot traffic, non neighborhood by somebody not named Harding, jay, or part of any other group? Good luck.

    We’ve asked all along when the breaking point will hit. We’ve hit it.

  2. I meant the space on other side under contract . Might not be food or drink but just assuming it is.

  3. I don’t see the location / not being part of an existing group as an insurmountable problem. First, they’re in a hotel, so, hotel guests. Second, it’s relatively easy to get to, there’s a decent amount of on-street parking in the area, and it’s free after 6 Pm. Third, there are several offices in the area who may want another lunch choice besides Dewey’s, Becky’s, and the King’s Head, plus it’s possible that the seniors at Baxter Academy may get off-campus privileges (I don’t know if that’s the case or not). So I think they have a base to work from, and if they can do some decent off-peninsula marketing they could do well there.

    Is Legal Sea Foods still in the mix of possibilities for the Hyatt?

  4. Mark, Legal Seafood was considered a potential fit for the Marriott space. The only remaining spot in the Hyatt is a small spot at the corner of Fore and Union. I believe it’s already been leased.

  5. A career in financial svcs tells me he knows that old adage: to make a million in the restaurant biz, you start with 2 million…

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