Under Construction: Tipo

Chris and Paige Gould, co-owners of Central Provisions, have applied for a liquor license for their new restaurant Tipo.

Tipo is going to be a full service restaurant offering traditional Italian fare to the local community…We are hoping to provide the Back Cove community with a neighborhood spot to stop for a wood fired pizza, homemade pasta dish, and a small selection of beer, wine and Italian inspired cocktails.

Tipo will be located at 182 Ocean Ave in the former Borealis Bakery. Plans call for it to seat 48 including a 9-seat bar (see floor plan below). Chef Mike Smith and Robyn Lungo have joined the Tipo team as the chef and front of house manager for the restaurant.

Here’s a look at the draft menu provided with the application (click to enlarge):


The Goulds hope to open in December or January, serving dinner Wednesday through Sunday with plans to eventually open for weekend brunch.


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  1. Great! Another really fancy and very expensive restaurant! This is not a neighborhood joint and is very disappointing.

  2. This will last six months in that location, if that. The neighborhood people will not want that menu or price and no one will travel there when there are so many options in Portland. What are these people thinking?

  3. I have to agree… Italian food is unquestionably wonderful but there are seven perfectly good Italian restaurants within a mile or two in any direction of this location. My neighbors and I had such high hopes for this spot after years of Borealis mediocrity, absurd prices and poor service. There were so many great potential options for this space and this is a massive letdown. More Old Port nonsense coming to The Back Cove.

  4. My husband and I are OBSESSED with Central Provisions so I have no doubt we will also love this place! The menu price point is pretty varied so we could do a quick, inexpensive pizza or a nicer pasta. Super excited to try out this new place. The back cove desperately needed a new restaurant!

  5. Central Provisions is undeniably one of the best restaurants in Portland–I’m thrilled the owners have decided to offer us more ways to enjoy their food. CP meals always surpass my expectations and I anticipate more of the same with this spot. Admittedly, I’m always a sucker for handmade pastas and a good glass of wine–so it probably wouldn’t matter where the restaurant would be I’d still visit–but I’m excited for that random Friday that I can get a stellar Italian meal without having to drive into Portland.

  6. We are huge fans of Central Provisions, the Gould’s other restaurant in Portland, so we are delighted to hear they are opening another one! It will definitely be on our ‘must try’ list this winter! Plus, I love a good pasta and wine. So excited!

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