Under Construction: The Treehouse, Trouble, Vena’s

Chef Gregory Gillman is planning to re-open the former Cafe at Pats space on Stevens Ave as the The Treehouse with a menu much along the same lines as he served at the Cafe.

Josh Soley is redeveloping the old Movies at Exchange space as Trouble, an “old fashioned theater-bar with classical movie showings in the afternoon and a similar atmosphere that will continue after the movie is over.” Soley plans to “target an older, professional audience” and will be serving “old-fashioned beverages including movie-themed Casablanca Cocktails, Godfather Whiskeys, and James Bond Martinis.”

Steven and Johanna Corman, owners of Vena’s Fizz House, have applied for a liquor license. They will continue serving solely temperance cocktails during the day, but from 7-11 pm plan to start serving alcoholic cocktails as well. You can read more about Vena’s and their plans to get a liquor license in today’s Press Herald article by Randy Billings.

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  1. So excited that Greg is reopening the Cafe. My favorite under the radar space in Portland, and by far the best outdoor seating in the city!

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