Under Construction: The Honey Paw

The owners of Hugo’s and EventideArlin Smith, and chefs Andrew Taylor and Michael Wiley—have released details on their new restaurant and kitchen expansion.

The Honey Paw is described as a “non-denominational noodle restaurant” that will be “drawing on techniques, shapes, and flavors from across the globe”. The Honey Paw, they explain, “won’t be a pasta joint or a noodle house per se, we don’t want to be beholden to tradition or cultural idiom”.

The new restaurant will be located at 78 Middle Street in the former Pepperclub/Good Egg space. Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly, creator of the Family Feast event series and a former Hugo’s sous chef, will be joining the team to help launch the restaurant. They hope to open in early 2015.

The expansion into the remainder of the first floor of the Middle Street building will also supply Hugo’s/Eventide some much needed additional kitchen and storage space.

The summer of 2013 demonstrated, with lines out the door at Eventide Oyster Co. and a completely over-taxed walk-in cooler, that Hugo’s and Eventide’s current facilities could not keep pace with the demands of a busy summer. “We’d been looking for a satellite kitchen for months, and after last year’s off-peninsula project fell through, we heard about a space much closer to home,” explains Smith, “it was simply too good an opportunity to pass up.”

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