Under Construction: The Honey Paw

thehoneypawThe Honey Paw(instagram, twitter) passed their last inspection earlier this week. As you can see the dining room is nearly almost finished, and the restaurant is on a fast track to open.

The Honey Paw menu is organized into 5 unnamed, numerically designated sections: 001 – 005. Here are a few items  that caught my interest:

  • 001: Assorted Pickles
  • 002: Lobster Tartine with cilantro emulsion, radish and hijiki
  • 003: Saffron Gnocchi Sardi with duck bolognese, eggplant-raisin agrodolce and parmessan; Buckwheat Noodles with dried mackerel, cured egg yolk, paddlefish roe and hazelnut
  • 004: Fried Whole Black Bass with pineapple fried rice, lap cheong and coconut salsa verde
  • 005: Soft Serve Ice Cream with carmelized honey, honeycomb and magic shell

Behind the scenes there’s a large new kitchen that extends nearly the full length of the building behind Hugo’s, Eventide and The Honey Paw.

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  1. Nothing firm but have you heard that full belly deli might be looking at Westbrook(main st ), not the old port?

    Also that Chicago dogs is looking at Westbrook too, possibly old tim hortons

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