Under Construction: Ten Ten Pie and D.L. Geary

Ten Ten Pié is planning to open Saturday morning at 8 am. They’ll be serving coffee and pastries. See this post on Eater Maine for more details on the menu.

Ten Ten passed all inspections. Just waiting for processing of license. Hope that happens Friday! We plan to be open Sat morning 8-2 offering coffee and pastries. ¡Vengan a ver!

D.L. Geary Brewing has announced that they’re building a tasting room (photos) at their brewery located on Evergreen Drive.

Not only are beer lovers drinking more craft beer than ever before, they’re also curious about the beer making process. Geary’s has wanted to provide a tasting room for our fans for a while now, and we’re so excited to say it is nearly done.

4 comments on “Under Construction: Ten Ten Pie and D.L. Geary

  1. Nick, I’ve seen you refer more than once to people misreading the Portland market. I’d be interested in hearing how you see it (the market), not to put you on the spot but because you seem informed and I’m curious.

  2. Also: awesome to hear about Dave installing the tasting room. I’m sure they’ve gotten guests who have toured some of the other facilities in the Brewery District (Maine Craft Distilling is right next door as well), and having expanded accommodations for them has to be a plus for Maine’s first modern brewers.

  3. Mark, it’s just a vibe. Can’t describe it.

    It’s location, it’s hype, it’s name.

    Wannawaf was a tourist gimmicky spot in a business district that dies on weekend. Worst idea ever. Sad thing is they probably would have killed it as a food truck. That juice place on free street and m2. Bad bad idea. How are you gonna pull the maine squeeze crowd? All of us have bad vibes on new Marriott restaurant yet does anybody doubt zapoteca owner’s new place across from art museum? Easy money that kills.

    Portland is a fickled mix of hipsters and “foodies” and it’s way too easy to get them to turn on you

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