Under Construction: Tandem Coffee Roasters

Sprudge, the leading blog in the specialty coffee world, has published an article about Tandem Coffee Roasters.

Sorry, we had to get that out of our system, but for reals people! The “other Portland” is home to a brand new specialty coffee operation called Tandem Coffee Roasters, a labor of love brought to the world by three former Blue Bottle employees: husband and wife team of Will and Kathleen Pratt, and their sole employee, Vien Dobui, who reached out to Sprudge with pics and info (Editors Note: When your only employee takes the time to reach out to relevant media, you have likely Hired The Right Person).

I heard from Kathleen Pratt yesterday and she confirms that, pending successful completion of inspections, they’re on target to open in a couple weeks. My caffeine addiction has me currently bouncing back and forth between Bard in the AM and Speckled Ax in the PM. I look forward to the challenge of fitting a third destination inTo the line-up.

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