Under Construction: Sebastians LLC & Rising Tide

Here are a couple new items under construction:

  • A company called Sebastians LLC has rented the restaurant space located at 339 Fore Street that has in the past been the home of Apsara, Shima and Siam Grille. There’s no word yet on what type of restaurant Sebastians LLC plans on opening.
  • Rising Tide Brewing has leased 5,500 square feet of space on Fox Street, They’ll be moving their brewing operation into Bayside from the Industrial Way.

5 comments on “Under Construction: Sebastians LLC & Rising Tide

  1. The sign up at the spot says coming soon “Sebastian’s at Boothby Square”. Guess that’s the proper name.

    Also add this

    Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe
    It is official! A second Maine Squeeze OPENING SOON in the Public Market House at 28 Monument Square, Portland! We will be across from Kamasouptra on the SECOND FLOOR.

    Click on the link below and join our email to get updates about our progress and new specials. Also, if you join our email list you get a free wheatgrass shot!!! Thanks to all our great fans who have made this opportunity possible. We are so thankful to be able to get a chance to bring Maine Squeeze to the folks in Monument square and the surrounding area.

  2. I am aware that ‘Sebastian’s’ ran into a bit of trouble with their projected opening. Apparently the existing gas line into the building at 339 Fore Street is not adequate enough to power the ovens and stoves they have installed. This issue almost caused the soon to be restaurant to make other plans, until it was recently decided that the gas line modifications would be taken care of, and allowed, by the city. I believe they began the install today, May 1st.

  3. As president of Sebastians at 339-345 Fore st I wanted to get some correct inorrmation out there. We have had a few of the normal hurdles faced while getting a business up and running. Also we did encounter a gas issue at the last minute while setting up our kitchen. The supply was not adequate and I don’t see how other restaurants ran a kitchen like this ? This had nothing to do with the town. We coordinated with Unitil and had Bob Locke owner of Portland Gas Fitting correct the problems. We now have moved past this and are just waiting on a few final inspections. Hoping to be open in the next few weeks. Thanks to all for your huge support. Brad Kowalski

  4. Hey Brad,

    Sorry for the misinformation! I made the assumption that it was a city issue based off a similar situation I encountered during the renovation of a Portland home. The home owner had installed similar commercial grade gas appliances and the city had to give approval for the modification. I believe it was due to the nature of the application in a residential neighborhood (zoning, etc.) Glad to hear that the group has overcome the obstacle and I look forward to the opening!

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