Under Construction: Rossobianco

imageRossobianco held a pop-up dinner Tuesday night to preview chef Scott London the Bramhall Square natural wine bar/Italian restaurant. The 4-course dinner comprised of

  • Fried bluefish paired with a prosecco spritz
  • Peas and risotto paired with a rose from Trentino
  • Roast pork loin paired with a Nebbiolo
  • Hazelnut cake paired with a Glera-based sparkling wine

Rossobianco is planning to open in early August, perhaps as early as Friday August 5th.

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  1. My wife and I sat beside you at the bar. If Chef London and Co. work as hard at their new restaurant as they tried to please last Tuesday, Rossobianco will be a success. I thought the food was a little uneven but understand it was really opening night and I enjoyed their creativity. Nice people, too!

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