Under Construction: Rose Foods

Here’s a look inside the construction site for Rose Foods (website, facebook, instagram), a bagel shop and delicatessen project by chef Chad Conley, co-owner of Palace Diner. Conley’s vision for Rose Foods is as a,

counter-service bagel shop, neighborhood cafe, and retail store, featuring food from New York Jewish cuisine. Smoked seafood and other specialty products will be featured for retail sale and on bagel sandwiches, alongside deli classics like sour pickles, pastrami sandwiches, matzo ball soup and a variety of salads.

The shop is named after Conley’s wife’s (Rachel Schlein) great-grandmother. It’s located at 428 Forest Ave in the former Brea Lu Cafe building, and is on track to open in August.

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  1. Fyi: I noticed last evening that the former Paris Farmers’ Union on Auburn St. now has a sign up saying that Terra Cotta Pasta is going to open up there.

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