Reviews: Elsmere BBQ, Trattoria Fanny, Enio’s, Back Bay Grill, Baharat

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Elsmere BBQ,

Since it opened in 2013, South Portland’s Elsmere BBQ and Wood Grill has tried, according to chef/co-owner Adam Powers, “to do a little something for everybody.” You’ll find some Tex-Mex dishes on the menu, as well as competent versions of barbecue classics, like a well-smoked half-rack of short ribs: partly cleaned, St. Louis-style; and a snappy, anise-flavored sausage appetizer reminiscent of a smoky kielbasa.

the Portland Phoenix has reviewed Trattoria Fanny,

Other dishes were simpler still, especially the appealing side dishes. The oyster mushrooms were tender and buttery, with just the right dash of salt. Bitter rapini added a bit of extra crunch with breadcrumbs. Celery root, its sharpness mellowed by a quick pan fry, were like especially succulent french-fries. Only the entrée of roast pork seemed too simple — the slab of meat needing more than its hint of sage to be interesting. But a similarly shaped slab of creamy and rich chocolate bonet could not be better.

The Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Baharat and Enio’s, and

A few minutes after our salads were done, our entrees made their way over. The initial smell made my mouth water. I dug in immediately and grabbed a gnocchi. The soft, cheesy pillow was awesome, but the creamy, seasoned sauce it was sitting in was sensational. A follow up bite of the braised, tender bird was pure heaven.

The Golden Dish has reviewed the Back Bay Grill.

Certain dishes remain on the menu always. The beautifully made soup purees, usually based on seasonal vegetables, are silky smooth. That wonderful turban of salmon is as high as a grande dame’s chapeaux. The elegantly wrought piece of beef tenderloin is dressed up in its Sunday best.

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