Under Construction: Riverside Grill, Duckfat, Timber, Foodworks, El Rayo

riversidegrillHere are a few updates on what’s going on around town:

  • Duckfat is temporarily closed while the restaurant under goes some renovation
  • Timber (facebook) is reportedly planning on opening May 15
  • Foodworks is temporarily closed while they move to their new space at 61 India Street. Word on the street is that their old space is already leased.
  • Riverside Grill (facebook, website) manager Steve Quatrucci reports they’re making good progress on construction (see photo) and hopes to open later this month.
  • El Rayo has closed the Cantina. Despite the rumors floating around, the El Rayo Taqueria will remain in business. El Rayo’s also continues to work on launching a 2nd location in Scarborough on Route 1.

8 comments on “Under Construction: Riverside Grill, Duckfat, Timber, Foodworks, El Rayo

  1. Surprised Duckfat is renovating instead of expanding or moving. Guess that’s a sign of still wanting to opener another intown in the future.

    The Wok Inn location is back in play. Heard Cumberland Farms found out from the city that they could not put gas that close to the railroad tracks. Would have thought they would have looked into that first. That’s why the leased signs are down.

  2. When I spoke to the manager at the taqueria last week- she said they have to find a new location by next September. Buildings are basing razed for a parking garage/retail space. Such a shame. But… Wicked excited for their Scarborough location.

  3. @Nick, your comment is the first I had heard that Cumby’s was the purchaser of the Wok Inn. I note that, while the building was tagged “SOLD”, the current signage simply says “For Lease”… so perhaps they’re planning on being landlords?

    Something with green and yellow colors is moving into the Woodfords Corner KFC building… my gut says Subway, but I’d love for it to be something different.

  4. I walked past the Woodfords Corner KFC building today and looked at the permit in the window. It’s an electricity permit and the tenant was listed as “Fast Fredie’s”.

  5. Cumbys going there has been known by quite a few people. They planned on leaving their forest ave site a block away. They have been redoing all those stores and simply no room to do that there. There had been a leased sign on it for a couple weeks and now they’re down. Heard from a good source on that reason why

    I heard KFC was becoming a split KFC/subway but it looks like 100% subway by the paint

    That complex taking over el rayo site had planned to have a new el rayo in it so either way there was only going to be one el rayo at that location

    Westendplaceportland.com has started construction. Lots of first floor retail and more than likely an eatery

  6. I have heard that lois’ natural is going into the food works space…

  7. I question the Subway going in at Woodfords Corner only because there is one just down the road in the Hannaford plaza. The colors are Subway colors, but the permit says Fast Fredie’s.

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