Under Construction: Restaurante El Corazon

The owners of the El Corazon food truck have leased 190 State Street where they plan to open Restaurante El Corazon (facebook, instagram).

After four years cooking fresh Mexican food from the back of their family operated food truck Joe and Laura Urtuzuastegui have decided to grow the business and open up a brick and mortar shop…El Corazon will offer old favorites and new staples, small and large plate options, a oversized tequila selection, in a comfortable family atmosphere.

The space had been the original location of Petite Jacqueline and was slated to be the new home of Ocho until the owners put the project on hold.

El Corazon hopes to open the restaurant in May. They join the growing ranks of mobile operations adding or transforming into a traditional brick and mortar restaurant such as Mami and Baharat.

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  1. Just talked to someone inside the space. They said there is soft launch tonight for family and they open to the public this Thursday.

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