8 comments on “Under Construction: Nova Coffee

  1. Ummmmmm, there’s a tandem like a street and a half away. Weird they would choose them unless it’s some sort of involvement from tandem.

  2. Not only Tandem, there’s Yordprom, Omni (although that’s about 5 blocks away), Aurora Provisions less than a block away and you can even get a decent cup at Ohno and if you’re desperate there’s even Cumberland Farms across the street which can be especially entertaining on a late Friday or Saturday night (ok, Cumberland Farms doesn’t really count). I guess you can’t have too many coffee shops in this town.

  3. Monthly press herald real estate transaction section shows house of jerky leased 19 exchange st and lazzari leased their spot which is good confirmation

  4. Also Rosemont Market tends to offer a good cup of coffee (and delicious baked goods).

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