Under Construction: Nappi/Bowcott Project

Nicholas Nappi and Garry Bowcott are developing a new restaurant. The concept is a “re-imagining of the classic soda fountain”.

Nappi and Bowcott are part of the Local 188 restaurant group. They are actively looking for a space with help from Jay Villani and real estate agent Joe Malone.

4 comments on “Under Construction: Nappi/Bowcott Project

  1. I think that’s a great idea done right. Couple spots on congress would fit.

    Oh and as easily predicted as any prediction ever, it appears unwined is closed. Please people, please ask locals before you spend that much money . That place was never ever gonna work there

  2. Landlord got their stuff down quick. No lease sign up either . Wonder if they already had tenant lined up?

    Speaking of shake shack, I can’t stop going to Newbury st one when I’m in boston. Can we trade five guys for SS?

    Building going up pretty fast in front of prudential where eataly is going. Can’t wait for that next year

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