2 comments on “Reviews of Terlingua

  1. The smoked chicken I ordered the other night came out black and the skin was bitter and acrid. Creosote from too much smoke? The meat was tasty though but one bite of the skin ruined the dish. They threw in a plate with three ribs, also tasting a bit rancid, thanks.

  2. Greetings Ronaldo,
    I remember you coming in that day and you were right, that batch got way too smoke heavy. I appreciated you letting us know as I was able to pull the rest of that batch out of service. We have been playing with differences woods and dialing in our smoker as we are still fairly new. Clearly, it was a bad mix that day! Should you decide to give us another try, pop your head in the back and let me know your there.
    Again sorry for the bad batch!
    Pliny Reynolds

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