Under Construction: Mainely Wraps

Mainely Wraps has leased the former Moveable Feast/Vieux Port Creole space at 431 Congress Street. This will be a return to Portland for Mainely Wraps which operated a shop on Fore Street from 2013 until November 2016.

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  1. I don’t wanna be that guy, but how do you not
    Know by now that is a terrible spot? Basically they’ll have 15 hours
    A week to make money

  2. I’d agree but Foley’s did fine there before their move with new owners to the Public Market. Depending on their offering and their price point, they could do very well there.

    Why Vieux Port Creole left so fast can’t have anything to do with how well they were doing as any restaurant takes longer than they were there to attract an ongoing group of customers.

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