Under Construction: Elsmere BBQ

Elsmere BBQ is reported to be in the processing of purchasing Siano’s in Deering Center where they will open a Portland location. From Nextdoor via  the Love Deering Center page on Facebook:

Elsmere is closing on the former Siano’s bldg in early October with construction and renovating to be done and a projected opening time frame in January. Went to their location in SoPo for dinner last night and got the inside scoop. Am now very excited for this addition to our neighborhood!

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  1. I stopped by Siano’s last night; the windows were mostly papered over and marked “Closed for Renovations.” A passing couple told me they had closed about 3 weeks ago, but had no idea they might be shutting down for good (particularly since they just put in a new outdoor seating area this past summer, and that had a small backyard smoker in it).

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