Under Construction: Maine Fodder

A new venture called Maine Fodder (website, facebook, twitter) is currently under development in Portland. It’s a “collaboration of a Farmer/Chef and a Dietitian” that will be tap into their connections with local farmers and their own work experience in cooking, farming and nutrition to launch a food truck and educational program.

The truck will be serving a dual purpose both as a food truck serving prepared foods and as a mobile farmers market that brings vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses from many of the areas smaller farms to retail customers and restaurant kitchens in the area.

The owners hope to launch by mid-summer.

You can read more about the food truck on the Farm Truck  page on their site.

2 comments on “Under Construction: Maine Fodder

  1. Thank you for the post Anestes! If anyone would like to learn more and become part of our local food movement please join our email list via our website. We are excited to be currently working with local farmers to create a Local Maine Meat Program for the Portland area too!!!!!

  2. This sounds like an incredible opportunity! Just what Portland, ME needs! An amazing chef and a healthy mentality- food truck and farmers market… that spells out PORTLAND Maine!! Love this! So excited to see this coming on the scene. Best of luck to you!

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