Under Construction: LB Kitchen West

LB Kitchen (website, facebook, instagram) is opening a second location, in the West End. The new LB Kitchen will be housed in the former Outliers on York Street as part of an overall wellness center that focuses on alternative medicine and therapies.

LB Kitchen co-owners Lee Farrington and Bryna Gootkind are planning a very similar concept and menu to their first cafe. Folks who live in the neighborhood will be happy to hear that plan includes coffee service, something the neighborhood has felt the lack of since the departure of Omi’s.

Renovations of the building are slated to kick-off in the next couple weeks and the new LB Kitchen will open sometime in October or November.

One comment on “Under Construction: LB Kitchen West

  1. Yes! This is great news. I live right down the street on brackett and have definitely missed having a coffee shop. It’s great that LB kitchen will be that and more. Can’t wait!

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