Under Construction: Full Belly Deli

Chris Busby reports that the new Full Belly Deli will be located in the Old Port at the corner of Fore and Market Streets.

Speaking of delis, Portlanders were stunned when Full Belly Deli abruptly closed its location on outer Brighton Avenue this winter. Now comes word that Full Belly’s mile-high pastrami sandwiches and other indulgences will reappear at the corner of Market and Fore streets, in a space most recently occupied by a failed link in the Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt chain, according to landlord Joe Soley, who has an avowed taste for tongue. Soley also said the deli may apply for a license to serve beer and wine.

8 comments on “Under Construction: Full Belly Deli

  1. Gotta agree with D. Can’t recall the last time I was eating a hot pastrami on rye thinking “a nice stout would go well with this…”. On the other hand, a Dr. Brown’s cream soda with that sandwich, now we’re talking.

  2. I am so happy to hear that they are re-opening in the Old Port. We rarely got to their previous location and are much anticipating their more convenient Old Port location…now please be open on Sundays!

  3. Hopefully they will bring back the smoked lox. Was discontinued a few years ago and never could figure that out. Like an Italian restaurant not serving meatballs.

  4. More importantly, will it be good? It wasn’t. He needs someone to tell him what to do.

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