Under Construction: Foley’s Bakery & Apsara

Foley’s Bakery is returning to 1 Monument Square to take over the space that was most recently occupied by Mousse. I’ve also heard that a second bakery may be opening in Monument Square this Summer but don’t have any firm details on that yet.

A Cambodian restaurant called Apsara is under construction at 349 Cumberland Ave. For a long time this was slated to be the home of Mitpheap World Cafe.

See the Under Construction List for information on other up and coming businesses in Portland.

3 comments on “Under Construction: Foley’s Bakery & Apsara

  1. Cheesecake brownies! Hermits! Hot cross buns!

    If I remember correctly, a baker named Foley who worked for Port Bakehouse on Commercial Street founded Foley’s Bakery. and they were briefly in the Public Market towards then of its time.

  2. I saw that that small spot on Congress street on the corner of the Eastland Park plaza and next to Paul’s and that bookstore has been leased. Can’t remember the eatery that was in there up until a year ago.

  3. Thanks for the tip. It had been a small cafe called The Kitchen. Another change that just occurred on that block is the closure of Stir Crazy. Word on the street is that Wild Burritos is moving there.

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