New Food Blog: Eat Here. Go There.

A new food blog entitled Eat Here. Go There. has been added to the Food Map blog list. The author is a transplant from West Virgina and a self described “newbie Mainer, writer, bon vivant, wife, and puppy momma”. The most recent two posts are reviews of Pai Men Miyake and Boda.

Finally, Ben decided on the Pork Hocks braised in Star Anise, which the menu told us is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand! Score! The pork was so tender it came apart easily with a fork, and it tasted great, with just the slightest hint of licorice from the star anise. All in all I thought it was one of the most interesting combinations of spices I have ever had in a dish. I would consider it a must try for anyone.

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