Under Construction: 66S Fusion

A new Asian fusion restaurant called 66S Fusion is under development at 425 Fore Street in the vacant retail space next to Gelato Fiasco. Westbrook resident and owner Jie Ming Liang describes 66S as a “Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) that will be serving Asian Fusion food with a menu consisting of Sushi, Teppanyaki Grill, Ramen Noodles and an Asian Meat Bun.” You can see a draft menu (page 101) in the material supplied by Liang with 66S’s liquor license application.


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  1. I didn’t realize until I saw this (and immediately wondered if Five Guys had left downtown) that all the storefronts in that garage – Five Guys, Gelato Fiasco, the new Old Port Lobster Shack, and the former Twist which I assume is the destination for this restaurant – use 425 Fore as their address. Interesting.

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