Trattoria Fanny Has Closed

Trattoria Fanny has gone out of business.

Friends, we will miss serving you. Trattoria Fanny has shut its doors. Thanks for the good memories. For a brief moment, we had something beautiful here. We will miss it dearly.

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  1. David Levi certainly gave it his best shot……. twice. I wonder if the reincarnation of the Roma Cafe had anything to do with TF’s demise?

  2. I doubt that was the cause. Bramhall Square has been a location which simply doesn’t support any culinary business. I can’t even list the number of such shops that have come and went there. It certainly doesn’t help that there’s been just one such business there as that makes a spot where you must dilibertly be planning on eating there.

    Anestes, correct if I’m wrong but I reasonably sure there’s never been two related food businesses there even when there was a coffee shop where the phone store is now.

  3. I agree with Cat, there needs to be a more critical mass of people and businesses in Bramhall Square to make a long term eatery more viable. Right now it’s just a tad too far west of the Congress Street restaurant row, and there’s not much foot traffic that is naturally flowing past the square.

    I can envision the square becoming an active part of the Congress Street corridor, with the new boutique hotel and townhouses coming on line just east of there, plus the expansion of Maine Med and the success of Salvage BBQ, it would be a natural connector. But right now it feels vacant and neglected. It needs an infusion of people, businesses and aesthetic improvements.

  4. Anyone remember Honey’s? That’s the first food establishment I remember there. I miss it. She blamed her demise on the opening of Binga’s if I recall.

  5. Honey’s just preceded the launch of PFM. I never got the chance to try it but have regularly heard good things from people who remember it fondly.

    I guess this answer’s Cat’s question. The last time there were 2 food businesses on that corner they were the original Binga’s and Honey’s.

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